Piano lessons

I enjoy teaching students to play piano music that they love and also creating their own compositions and improvisations. Particularly for teenage and adult students, starting with what draws the student to music in the first place is one of the best ways to foster a love of music.

For beginners under 12 years I initially focus on musical games, improvisation and developing the ability to play by ear and hear harmony. This creates a strong foundation for learning to read music, whether you are taking piano lessons online or in Edithvale.

I tailor piano lessons to student needs and interests. By taking lessons you can:

  • Learn repertoire of varied styles specific to student preferences including classical and pop music
  • Improve technique
  • Improvise and compose your own pieces or songs
  • Read music and chord charts
  • Play piano duets and accompany others or yourself
  • Prepare for performances or Australian Music Examinations Board Piano and Piano for Leisure exams if desired

Most importantly, if you know what you would like to learn, in piano lessons that will be the main focus. If you don’t know what you would like to learn, I will help you to discover what you enjoy. Or if you prefer a well-rounded approach with a good grounding in all areas, we can follow that path.