Learning music

Why is learning music so much fun?

Some people wonder why I have spent hours of my life making music. It is hard work, but so rewarding because it brings me so much joy.

There is nothing that can compare to the sense of achievement when you can finally play a new piece, except for sharing that excitement with others when you perform it. But the process of learning a new piece is also fun, involving:

  • decoding all the markings on the music to work out what the composer meant
  • experimenting with different phrasing to see which one conveys the meaning of the music
  • putting the piece hands together for the first time to take it to a whole new level
  • making up a story to think about as you play the piece to convey the emotion of the piece
  • bringing the piece up to its final speed and working out what techniques to use to play it at the faster speed
  • memorising it if you like to make playing it more fun

Making your own music by improvising or composing is also exciting. You get to be creative by:

  • deciding the key message of the song
  • writing lyrics and putting them to a melody
  • adding chords if you like
  • working out how you want to sing or play the song, for example by adding facial expressions

Playing music means you are in the moment. To play music you need to put aside worries or things you need to do, so you can focus on channeling the emotion of the music. This also allows you to fully enjoy the music you have created!